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  • PAPERICIOUS  Resin Hardener
  • PAPERICIOUS  Resin Hardener
  • PAPERICIOUS  Resin Hardener

PAPERICIOUS Resin Hardener

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PAPERICIOUS Crystal Clear Resin Hardener - Ratio 2:1
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Papericious Resin Hardener  (Ratio - 2:1)

Resin available in  : 200 gm

Hardener available in : 100 gm

This non yellowing and auto bubble release is produdly manufactured in India.

Cure Duration 

No Pot Life : 40 minutes

Dry Touch : 12-15 hours based on surface.

Full Hard Cure time - 2 days (48 hours).

How to Use:

  • Mix Resin Hardener in ratio of 2:1 by weight.
  • Stir the combined composition with the help of wooden stirrer for 5 minutes and left for few moments for auto release of bubbles.
  • Clean the base with dry cloth  and put it on levelled surface.
  • Slowly flow the ready compoistion on the levelled base.
  • Wait for few moments to settle the mixture uniformly. If any bubble remain, use hot air gun to remove the bubbles.
  • After curing of 48 hours, your masterpiece is ready.


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