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PAPERICIOUS - Red Double sided Tacky Tape - 6mm / 0.25 inch/ 6 pc

SKU: 24001
Red Double sided Tacky Tape - 6mm / 0.25 inch
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- Estimated Handling Time: 3 days
  • Papericious Premium quality Red Double sided Tacky Tape.
  • Each tape is of 50 m
  • This clear double-side tape is a double-coated film, consisting of an acrylic adheisve with extremely high adhesion power and high instant tack. Light and moisture resistant. Permanently bonds plastics and metals.
  • All PAPERICIOUS products are proudly manufactured in INDIA.

    • Applications:
      • Clean, dry surface is required for maximum bond strength. Perfect for Eva, Arts & Crafts, Household usage. Extreme Adhesion level & Long lasting Usage, etc.

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