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  • PAPERICIOUS - Paper Masking Tape - 12mm / 0.5 inch

PAPERICIOUS - Paper Masking Tape - 12mm / 0.5 inch

SKU: 24041
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Paper Masking Tape - 12mm / 0.5 inch
Country of Origin: India
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  • Papericious Premium quality wide masking tape ideal for utility purposes, labeling, painting, sealing, crafts, automotive, holding the paper flat, and home-improvement projects, prevents paint bleed, removes without damaging surface and gives clean edges.
  • Each tape is of 50 yards.
  • All PAPERICIOUS products are proudly manufactured in INDIA.

    • Applications:
      • Papericious Premium quality Masking Tape is reliable and conforms well to most of the surfaces; most importantly save time on projects with our easy to tear tape, no scissors or knifes. Its solvent based natural rubber adhesive system helps it stick nicely to many irregular including textured and contoured surfaces and comes off clean leaving no residue, etc.
      • Papericious Premium quality Glitters work best with Papericious Glue and Stencils.


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