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In year 2014, a brand name "PAPERICIOUS" (dervied from "PAPER IS PRECIOUS") was started to manufacture Art & Craft supplies with a vision to have all manufacturing roots starts from Indian soils. Back to those days, all crafts supplies were imported in India from USA, Australia & Europeon countries and It was very difficult to match the international standards with limited resources.  In intital research & development stage, PAPERICIOUS had taken more than 3 months to do various testing & design blending with papers and inks.

Finally, a most awaited surprise day came to the life of Indian crafting, a company "PAPERICIOUS" launched 8 nos. of Scrapbook Papers on social media mainly Facebook and within few hours, we have recieved calls from all major Brick & Morter Stores to provide them the papers.  The interesting part was that everybody were in impression that "PAPERICIOUS" is a foreign brand and going to start business in India. We decided to remain silent on that part and  wait for their response after recipt of scrapbook papers. Within 7 days, we have shipped around 260 Scrapbooks to pan India (Delhi, Gurgaon, Shajahanpur, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore) and wait for their response for quality. As expected, we got tremendous response for quality from all Brick & Morter stores but again we remained silent on Indian origin of "PAPERICIOUS".  Now, PAPERICIOUS start moving to the end customers but it was very surprising & heart-breaking for us that we have not gone any single order for next 40 days from any store. We do many calls to all store owners but all were slient on sale part. But later on we came to conclusion, that was the time when PAPERICIOUS was deep rooting their presence in India marketing and after that we are getting lots of love from Indian Crafters. Slowly, all store owners and crafters found that "PAPERICIOUS" is Indian brand so their love for "PAPERICIOUS" increases more and those all help us to become first Indian Brand to manufacture Chippis, Chalk Paint also. Thereafter, PAPERICIOUS is regularly going ahead with new product range every year. We re-iterate that till the date, you will find that all products on PAPERICIOUS are purely manufactured in India.

"PAPERICIOUS" is an Art & Craft supplies manufacturing brand, which is owned by M/s Krishiv Enterprises, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The visionary and passionate person behind is Ms Aastha Jain who left her job to chase the future market.


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